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Emma Campbell hasn’t had an easy life.  An alcoholic mother, an absentee father and an ex-husband no one deserves have all made her swear off relationships for good.

Matt Montgomery has a job to do and becoming involved with his target’s ex-wife isn’t part of the plan.

A chance encounter throws them together, but will their pasts keep them apart?

Warning – explicit content.




Jenni Lynn Scott is a successful, single mother. She’s funny and independent, has a good relationship with her ex-husband and the greatest best friend a girl could ask for. So what if she’s a little lonely now and then? She loves her life – mostly.
Dylan Montgomery enjoys his carefree life, drifting from town to town. He has a thriving business flipping houses, and can’t imagine being tied down to one place.
Jenni Lynn hasn’t seen or heard from Dylan in fifteen years. They were best friends until the devastating destruction of his family forced him to leave town. He cut off all contact without explanation or apology. Naturally, she’s shocked (and maybe just a little angry) when he returns to Laurel Creek to help care for his grandmother. She’s even more shocked to discover the tall, lanky boy she remembers has transformed into one of the sexiest men she’s ever seen.
Reconnecting with Jenni Lynn has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because Dylan is finally able to bring closure to his greatest regret – abandoning Jenni Lynn. A curse, because while they’ve been rekindling their friendship, she’s ignited a fiery passion inside of Dylan that is quickly burning out of control.
Warning – explicit content.

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